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Junior Membership Update Oct 2020

Please find the below statements regarding Junior Rugby at Longlevens RFC. First from Director of Rugby Andy Deacon and secondly from the Chairman Chris Yorke.

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Longlevens RFC M&J.

The club do realise that these are testing times for every family currently. Giving your children the opportunity to play rugby (within the restrictions) is now more important than ever. Promoting well being physically, and mentally which can only be good thing. Your children will also benefit from the social interaction with team mates outside of the school environment, which is vital for their development. Never underestimate the values that rugby inherently gives the next generation of Longlevens RFC players, on and off the field. Your monetary contribution to the club is valued and necessary, it is very much off set by the huge contribution your son or daughter is giving to our wonderful club. Coupled with this I thank every parent who contributes whether it is coaching, or helping on the team administration, or just supporting and encouraging their youngsters, and team mates to be the best he or she can be.

Always remember the most committed members are those who give silently without praise, but with the reward of helping to develop young children to be wonderful adults.

The club plans to hold a sports day with different activities, again giving the experience and enjoyment sport brings. Just waiting a dry day! More info to follow.

If you have any concerns moving forward, please do get in touch.

Andrew Deacon

Director of Rugby Longlevens RFC

M: +44 (0)7970 676061

E: andy@ragingbull.co.uk



Dear Junior Coach,

Thank you so much for all your hard work to bring the kids back playing rugby at Longlevens Rugby.

I wanted to quickly offer an update regarding decisions the club has made and its plan for the future in the context of Membership and Junior Membership.

Senior Membership

In preparation of the new season the Finance and Governance Committee completed a review of the competition and their prices. Within this review it was found that senior playing membership was one of the most expensive in the county, presented barriers to progression, and the disparity between £180 and £35 playing memberships raised questions around fair entitlements. Therefore at the EGM the motion was passed to abolish the two tier structure so that there is now only one senior playing membership at £90 for anyone who plays senior rugby (1s, 2s, 3s, and MAR) unless they are registered disabled or a student in which case it is £35.

Junior Membership

The junior membership was also reviewed in line with the competition and was found to be good value at the current price. Junior Membership has not had a price increase in 4 years. There was a discussion around simplifying the membership to one fee (like other clubs) but it was difficult to balance that against the needs of larger families who would end up paying a great deal more.

Membership Benefits

It is worth illustrating some of the benefits and costs of Junior Membership:

  • Minibus
  • Match Teas
  • Kit & Equipment
  • Courses (Coaching, First Aid etc)
  • Pitch maintenance
  • Floodlights and other overheads


The Impact of Covid 19

LRFC was closed on Friday 20th March 2020 and would remain closed for 106 days. The lack of income generation could have proved fatal if we had not made successful applications to a range of funding bodies. It is also worth noting the “double whammy” of being a rugby club and a pub:

  • No business sector has been hit harder than the hospitality and pubs sector
  • Rugby Union as a contact-based sport will be one of the last to return
  • Thus, significant uncertainty remains around the future of hospitality, pubs and rugby


Whilst rugby has returned to an extent there remains a huge challenge to keep the club moving forward:

  • No Saturday match days
  • No Sunday match days
  • Reduced capacity = lower turnover
  • No facility for traditional high earners (e.g. festival, live music, dinner and dance)


However, we are not going to put our head in the sand. We have been working through our action plan to keep Longlevens Rugby moving forward. For example:

  • Refurbishment of clubhouse (thank you Kev, Karl and others)
  • Successfully adopted covid regulations to start trading (passing one council visit and one police visit so far). 
  • Successfully introduced a new partnership with Bear Grills Gourmet BBQ
  • New venue hire brochure and marketing plan due to launch imminently


To move the rugby club forward the committees strategic plan is built upon “3 Pillars”. We hope this illustrates our values and priorities:



Our Plea

Junior Membership is a significant source of income for Longlevens Rugby. As with all grassroots rugby club’s junior membership is one of, if not the, highest single source of income.

We need that membership to ensure that we can continue to deliver the services that take place at Longlevens Rugby, to pay our overheads, and cover all the associated costs to our rugby services.

We know that at Stage D full contact matches cannot take place but there is still a host of activity that is currently taking place around training and club events.

As per the above strategy, central to our objectives to the club is ensuring The Best Grassroots Rugby in Gloucester. In line with this strategy we have improved the junior experience for this season by:

  • Putting the marquee up more often to keep kids sheltered pre & post training
  • Having a dedicated kid’s section behind the bar (including sweet bags and hot chocolate)
  • Hot dogs at every training session
  • Implementation of a cross-club training and development plan for coaches coordinated by DoR Andy Deacon starting on Fri 16th October

Rugby Union prides itself on its values. Key to the values of Rugby Union is put in more than you take away and on this occasion we ask that you continue to help our children enjoy a fantastic rugby experience at Longlevens Rugby by paying your membership. We have got to keep going – the future of Longlevens Rugby and Rugby Union itself depends on it.

We are also canvassing for the role of Membership Secretary for the Junior Section to support the administration of membership via the GMS platform. Can you help?

Thanks again for your support of Longlevens Rugby Club,

Chris Yorke

Chairman of Longlevens Rugby

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